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    Hi all,
    I'm looking for a piece of software (or service), and I'm not sure it exists. I have a daily meeting group that only gets together if we have a certain minimum number of attendees. I would like to have the software send out an email every evening before the meeting, to which people can reply yes or no. The software would automatically tally the responses, and once the minimum number of attendees is reached, it would send out a confirmation email to everyone. Is there software that can do this? Can this be done in Automator? It would make my life a lot easier.
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    I have searched high and low for this solution this past month.
    Options are:
    Mailchimp (it's free if you have <2000 contacts)
    Set up some mail templates, account etc. Download chimpmail from app store, and group your mail addy's in address book- chimpmail (free btw) will upload for you.

    Automator is a PITA, and you cannot find (or at least I could not) a good solution- even for an auto birthday email (10k+ contacts).

    YMMV, but if you happen to come across something else shout out.
    Lastly, I have tried all of the mailing programs- so i vote Mailchimp. they also have an iOS app.
    Good luck
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    Thanks for the tip! it looks like this website does some of what I need but not quite everything. I'll give it a try and see how it works for me.

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