Automatic album creation for App's saved photos

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    Could a developer make this suggestion in Apple Developer forums?

    My suggestion is that iOS 8 should create some albums automatically and put inside them the photos saved from a specific app. I'm thinking in people who has thousands of photos and this will help them to keep their photos organized. There could also be a toggle in Settings->Photos, to enable/disable "Automatic album creation for photos saved from an app"

    For example, all the photos you receive from WhatsApp will appear in an Album called "WhatsApp" so it will be a lot easier to find them, instead of having to look for them mixed with others in the Camera Roll, or having to add manually each photo to an album each time you receive one.

    I think the Album structure in iOS 8 should be:
    - What in iOS 7 is called "Camera Roll" (which is where all the photos and videos of the device are actually stored since the Albums are only shortcuts), should be named: "All Photos"
    - "Device Camera" album: only photos and videos taken with the device's camera
    - "Panoramic photos" album: same as iOS 7
    - "Videos" album: same as iOS 7
    - "Slow-mo" album: slow motion videos captured with the device
    - "WhatsApp" album: photos and videos received by Whatsapp
    - "Instagram" album: photos edited or taken with Instagram
    - "Twitter" album: photos saved from twitter app
    - and the same with any app that saves photos in the device
    - and then, albums you manually create with specific photos you want from a Holiday, a birthday, etc

    This is a basic approach to this new feature suggestion.

    Of course, some more options could be considered:

    - When an app wants to access your camera roll, it asks you for permission. An option could be added there so when an app asks you: "xxxxx wants to access your photos" the three options will be:
    "Allow and create a separate album for the photos saved from this app",
    "Allow but don't create a specific album",
    "Don't Allow"

    - In Settings->Photos, there could be a toggle for automatic album creation globally and also a toggle to enable/disable the album creation for each app that has permission to access the photos from the device.

    - There always comes a time where you need space in your device and you want to transfer some photos to your computer. I don't know how is this is OS X, but in Windows when you connect and iOS device, it's shown like a removable device, where you can access the folders with the photos of the device. The folders have strange names and the photos are shown all together. It would be great (maybe for this we need a Photos app for Windows and the functionality to be added to the new Photos app on OS X Yosemite) to be presented with "Album folders", where you could just select a folder, clic on transfer it and all the photos of that album will be transferred to the PC and deleted from the device.

    - Add an option in Settings->Messages for the photos and videos to automatically be saved in the device when received, like WhatsApp does.

    And this are some of the things I think will help to improve the photo experience in iOS.

    Thank you
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