Automatic downloads issues at iPad, need help

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    Hi guys how are you?

    I have a issue here and don't know how to fix

    If I download a universal app from my iPad it installs at my both devices, iPad and iPhone, but if I download from my iPhone it stucks at waiting at the iPad and no install at all, I have to click at X button to delete it

    Automatic transfers and apps are set in both devices, already reboot and fixed network conection too

    Someone knows what is happening and how to fix it?

  2. rigormortis, Jan 11, 2015
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    things to try

    1 ) hold down the icon until you see it jiggle and click the x to remove it

    2) sign out and sign back in on iTunes on the phone
    settings apple id and sign out

    3. what will probably work
    go to the app store , either updates or purchased - not on this iPhone
    and try to redownload the app
    try clicking the stop sign and the circle several times, keep hitting it over and over and see if it fixes it, this also works in iTunes store. , my iPhone as being stubborn downloading music, and i kept hitting that button and it fixed it

    4. delete the app from the iPhone and sync it from your iTunes library, if it is there
    download the app in iTunes
    or click on "transfer purchases" from a working copy ( what i mean here is find a working copy on another iOS device, and click on "transfer purchases from xxx's iPhone " to your iTunes library. or have iTunes update the app.
    delete the app on the bad device
    connect the iPhone (that it won't install) to iTunes, go to the app section, make sure the app says "will install" and click on sync

    5. call apple care
    even if you do not have applecare warranty or any apple warranty of any sort. applecare should help you free of charge for any iTunes related store issues. if they balk and insist that you pay $29 for call, you tell them "i request an exemption because i recently installed iOS 8", and they will grant it

    6. if you do not have another apple iOS device, like an iPhone or an iPad to transfer the app from , you can go to iTunes, click on apps, click on app store, click on purchases, click on not in my library, and download all you apps to your iTunes library , and then use iTunes to sync those apps to your iphone that you are having issues with

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