Automatic Video Conversion through Automator?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by MacFan25863, Jan 30, 2008.

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    Hi there,

    I'm a student in a high school video program. We currently produce a live daily news show for our school, and then post it online everyday. Unfortunately, posting it online takes someone quite a bit of time and training to do, since they must record the show onto our computer, convert it to flash, upload it, then post it through our wordpress blog. This is how our process currently works:

    >Record show through Quicktime Pro (full quality)
    >Convert show to Flash Video (flv) with smaller dimensions and quality for web use through VisualHub
    >Move the original .mov file to a file in the Movies folder which contains an archive of every show, and the FLV file to a temporary place (desktop)
    >Upload FLV file to website with Transmit
    >Login to our wordpress blog and embed the show using FLVPlayer
    >Delete the FLV file on the desktop

    Is there a way to do this through automator? All of the above applications have automator actions, so basically, I would need to make a script that:

    >Prompts for a few variables (For instance, a box which asks for the title of the show and the highlights of the stories we are doing)
    >Presents a prompt to "Start Recording"
    >When "Continue" is pressed, starts recording in Quicktime Pro
    >Presents a prompt to "Stop Recording"
    >When "Continue" is pressed, stop recording in Quicktime Pro
    >Close Quicktime Pro
    >Rename new file on desktop from (Quicktime's default) to (our naming scheme)
    >Convert to FLV using VisualHub
    >Move to a specified folder
    >Upload wrtvMMDDYYYY.flv to our FTP server
    >Send an email to an email address synced with our wordpress blog that incorporates some static elements (the code to embed the file) and variables (the information that was entered earlier).
    >Move the local FLV file to a specific folder on the computer

    Is this possible?? If I haven't been able to make it work but maybe someone can help me out with some applescript to accomplish this. I have no problem doing the entire process manually, but I'm not able to be at the computer for the length of time it requires. The people who would be doing this would have NO experience whatsoever doing any of the things listed above...which is why I think automation is the best answer.

    Please help! Thank you!

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