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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Fzang, Feb 8, 2017.

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    I've noticed on many of my iPhone photos that especially colored buildings (many European cities have lots of sandstone colored old buildings) will add a significant tint to my photos that needs to be corrected manually, for them to look as sequential as I would like them to be. I find that the iPhone takes very good pictures... if you compensate for its shortcomings in post.

    I could go through each one of them and tweak the cast setting, but I find it slightly tedious when I have 100s. Are there any good apps for speeding up this process? I don't really know anything about pro photography software, but now that I think about it, I feel the constraints of MacOS Photos.
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    It is possible in software like Lightroom to create a preset based on edits you have made. You'd just apply that same preset to subsequent photos. The problem, however, is that really only works when all your shots are in the same place with the same light. So, while you can do what you're asking about, I think you'd still end up doing a lot of manual adjustments.

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    I'd suggest a program like Lightroom or Capture One. Both have presets that you could make to use to correct the color of images in bulk, as well as WB tools to help with the same sort of problem. If you're using JPEGs from the iPhone you don't have as much leeway as RAW, but use of a gray card, etc with those programs could help a lot.
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    Brilliant! Never heard/thought of this. Seems painfully obvious in retrospect.

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