*AUTOMATICALLY* fill an iPod with random songs

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MorphingDragon, Aug 27, 2010.

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    For startes, yes I know there's that Smart Playlist trick, but that is neither automatic or convenient. What I really want is an equivalent to that "Fill with Random Songs" sync option iPod Shuffles used to have.

    I found a script ages ago that would launch with itunes and sync your ipod with random songs, no interaction, no actions from the user whatsoever. Can't find it again though, the website is now a parking domain.
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    There's a built-in solution for that! click on your iPod in iTunes, go to the Music Tab, choose 'synchronize music' & 'selected playlists...' don't check anything else on the page, but the 'fill free space automatically' and Voilà there you go!


  3. billysea macrumors regular

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    I have the same problem with the new Shuffle.

    I get it to work by filling in my iPod will songs, however the songs are not random. My playlist stays (which is a good thing), however the extra space will always be the same old songs and it doesn't randomize it everytime I sync.
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    While still plugged in, go to the Music tab, and uncheck the "Automatically fill free space with music" selection, then sync. This should remove that music. Then go back and check the box again, then sync. Hopefully, this will pick a new random set for you. Try it and see if it works.

    I use a similar tactic with a "random" Smart Playlist. It's too bad iTunes doesn't have a "Re-Randomize" function built in.
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    Feb 25, 2008
    Nope it doesn't work. I've tried your method already, unchecking and checking the box then sync will only fill it with the same songs. And I don't know what dictates its selection because they are not chosen alphabetically. They are random for the first time, but after the first sync it is the same songs every time.

    Now I have to make a separate smart playlist and have to set to choose random songs. In order for it to sync new random songs every time I sync, I have to first manually 're-randomize' the songs before I plug in an iPod. Pretty archaic if you ask me.
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    Aug 21, 2014

    I have spent some weeks trying to sort out a way to bypass the ****** and mysterious autofill and i have figures out a temporary way to add your playlist and fill up with truly random songs.

    The struggle

    Over the last two weeks i have been trying to randomly add songs to my 2gb shuffle along with the handful of songs i want but it would add around 90% similar songs with a handful of random ones. This defies any kind of logic i can imagine a coder writing for this sort of thin but it kept happening. i restored my shuffle numerous times but it kept repeating.

    Plug in your shuffle.

    Sync with the playlist (do not his automatically fill with random songs).

    once it has synced and loaded the songs move to the main page and tick the box 'manually sort music'. hit apply and confirm to which ever dialogue boxes become present.

    return to the music page where the function to 'autofill' from your 'music' will be available again due to the change in manual settings.

    Your music will randomly fill up along with your playlist.

    Songs that have filled up seem random enough. many do not have albums and those that are parts of albums seem to have around 3-5 songs from that album grouped with them. however it is acceptable for now. A true random would be appreciated and it is absurd that it does not exist as the default setting.
  7. Queenredspecial macrumors regular

    Sep 14, 2009

    Same problem. I'm trying EVERYTHING, but since my music library is larger than my ipod, it keeps refusing to do it.

    It's SO annoying. Why does iTunes suck so bad these days? Remember when it was a user-friendly program?

    Please help. All I want is to quickly and conveniently randomly load my ipod. I created a random smart PL, but I have to manually uncheck all the albums -- THOUSANDS of little annoying clicks I just don't have time for. Help!!!

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