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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by inscrewtable, Oct 16, 2016.

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    Oct 9, 2010
    I notice that it is impossible to block the cache and tracking files from that sites l visit, or don't visit. Even with search option prefs in Safari prefs all turned off and Duck Go Go set as the default browser, even with "Cookies and website data" set to 'Always block' I still find that simply visiting the homepage of for example will cause the following cache files listed below, i.e. website data (no cookies) to be dumped on my machine.

    Is there a third party or scripting solution of some sort that will enable me to achieve what Apple promises but seems unable to implement, i.e., block all website data and cache/tracking files.

    Maybe it's just me but I find this situation a bit creepy.

    The following cache/tracking files is what results from a simple visit to macrumors' homepage, other normal news sites leave an equally large and often more insidious bundle of obvious tracking files.
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    welcome to the modern internet. I've tried various blockers and browsers to try to cut down on that and mostly what I end up with is pages that wont load, partially load or take a really long time to load and then features missing.

    although I just hit on a cleared out Safari with Adblock Plus installed and only got their cookie and YouTube storage.
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    I have privacy badger and ghostery installed, and turned off third party cookies. It helps limit the damage.

    Sites complain they lose money because we block their malware advertisements, i complain they have stupid content that's not even the content you go to the site for.

    So don't worry about it, block what you want. Ignore the rest. Clear our once a week. Store sensitive data in 1password, not the browser. And don't forget, you can always use private browsing (safari) and incognito on chrome.

    [edit] i dont use safari much anymore these days.

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    I have not found a good way to block all that junk, but I did find an app the will remove it for you. I use the app Cookie. You go through and whitelist cookies and local storage information you want to keep and it deletes the rest. I have it set to delete when I quit Safari.
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    You can also try using the "Epic Privacy Browser" which automatically blocks all that junk. It's a 64 bit privacy browser based on the chrome engine.
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    OK thanks for those replies. I do use 1password, which is what makes it easy to keep cookies deleted, as well as PIA and their own DNS, but the solutions offered are no easier than me simply going into Safari a few times a day and deleting everything it stores.

    Is there some sort of technical reason that Safari is unable to block websites from dropping files on my machine, I mean it says that it can do this, so what is stopping it?

    @chscag, epic does not seem to be much of a solution, it wants permission to connect to anything and everything...

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    I use the "Safari Cookies" extension to manage and clean out cookies from websites.

    I have it set to delete ALL cookies (and related info) each time Safari quits.

    The Cookies extension also lets you "whitelist" "good cookies" from sites you visit regularly. These are retained when Safari quits, while all others are deleted.

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