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Discussion in 'iPad' started by franmatt80, Jun 5, 2010.

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    Jan 11, 2010
    I've downloaded a bunch of the file systems - Air Sharing, Goodreader, Readdledocs.... and while they're all brilliant in lots of ways, the one thing I really wanted for work was to have a way of synchronising a large number of files in my 'Work folder' to the iPad, have them stored natively in the iPad, and then for it to automatically sync back to the laptop when I'm back in the office, ensuring that all files are always the most up to date versions - the sort of thing the Docs to Go desktop application does (but it limited to files D2G can edit). I travel a lot for business and love just picking up the iPad and VGA adapter for everything I need and travelling light. Of course, everything is in my Dropbox folder, but reliable 3G reception or Wifi connections can be few and far between in the UK, especially on lots of the train lines.

    So far I've just been downloading any docs I've edited /created on the iPad to my MacBook Pro and filing them away in the appropriate place, then uploading the entire work file from scratch to Airsharing every evening (a 60 minute transfer time) which has been OK, but there have been lots of occasions where I realise I haven't got the most up to date versions of files or folders with me, and it can be an awkwards process which ends in lots of duplicated files.

    I found an automator script on the internet, and with a bit of editing, have now got an automator application workflow which, with a double click, finds and connects to Airsharing via Wifi, syncs up the files between the laptop and iPad seamlessly, and ensures that both devices have the most current files and folders - fantastic! It's the app I've been searching for and wasted lots of money trying to find....:)

    The best thing is, I didn't realise that symbolic links would work with this and found that I could create a symbolic link of my 'Work' folder, drop it into Dropbox and then include this in the automator flow, so now I have replicated, up to date folders in Dropbox, Airsharing and on my MacBook Pro.

    So I can edit in D2G, choose to then open the edited file in Airsharing, move it to the correct folder, and not have to think about it again. And all the music files, video files etc that I need are always in the right place, making them easy to find.

    Sorry for long post - I've been looking for this since I got my iPad in April, and just incase someone else is after the same thing, thought this might be of use. Please do message me or post if you want a link to the Automator action I found.
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    That's great, however perhaps you can share more info on script location as well as automator order and settings used to make it work
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Sure thing:-

    Found the automator action by Ben Long at:

    Have no idea whether the following is the most efficient way to build the entire workflow - haven't really used Automator before and took a lot of fiddling about - please let me know if this is totally clunky! (But it does work!) I'm sure there are ways to make it even more useful, but am quitting while I'm ahead.....

    New application
    • Ask for servers (tick box to allow text entering of ip address)
    • Connect to servers
    • Get Specified Finder items - drag in the 2 folders you want to sync
    • Sync folders (from the website download)
    • Show Growl notification to alert when done

    Hope it works for everyone else OK

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