Automating DVD Backup with FairMount, HandBrake and iTunes

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Blue Velvet, Nov 14, 2008.

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    mac.jedi has posted a series of tutorials which I'm sure they hope you'll find useful. :)

    Part 1: Introduction
    Part 2: Using AppleScript to Automate Ripping
    Part 3: Using a Batch Script to Automate HandBrake
    Part 4: TV Show Renamer Droplet
    Part 5: Add to iTunes and Auto-tag Script

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    ANNOUNCEMENT: Tutorial & Scripts Updated!

    The tutorial instructions and scripts have been updated to make them more plug and play.

    • Scripts have been rewritten to make them much easier to setup. My hope is that most users will not have to modify the scripts at all.
    • Scripts now include defaults that should run on any system. Default locations for files and scripts have been set to the ~/Movies/ directory.
    • BatchRip and BatchEncode Folders are now automatically created in your ~/Movies/ folder.
    • Growl Nofity Code has been moved to a script library that is loaded when called. You can now easily enable it in your batch script's properties.
    • BatchRip now auto-checks if two disks are loaded, no dual-drive setup required.
    • BatchRip now includes an auto-eject yes/no property.
    • BatchRip will now growl the disk name(s) when completed. Great for email notification.
    • shell script has been updated & posted. No additional setup should be needed.
    • BatchEncode now uses HandBrake's Universal preset by default.
    • BatchEncode now includes easier setup for encoding two batch folders at the same time.
    • BatchEncode now has a file type property to easily change output container. Default has been set to .m4v.

    That might be it. Will edit if I think of anything else. Thx.
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