Automator Action to Convert Pages to Word?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by iWillard, Jun 1, 2007.

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    So I've searched, can't find anything... I got a big ol' heap of Pages files, which is fine by me 'cuz I enjoy the Pages quite a bit, however, I am wanting to give my files to someone who doesn't have Pges, only MS Word...

    Obviously I could open every one up, and export it out... But that would get old after about 6.5 seconds... Especially when I have dozens and dozens of files...

    Anyone have a script or an automator action that I could run that would open all the files in a folder, export them as word docs, put them in a folder, and not delete or maim the originals?

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    Apologies for resurrecting a thread from Before the Dawn of Time, but I noticed it comes up quite high in the Google Search for "Pages" and "Automator", so I thought I'd leave some info here for the next poor soul who comes this way on that particular quest.

    You can do the above with AppleScript if that's your thing. However, if not then take a look at:

    It's relatively simple to build a drag and drop exporter using Pages Automator Actions and Automator. Just check the version number of Pages to make sure it's compatible.

    ...just to be 100% transparent, I'm the developer of said actions.

    Have fun!

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