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Discussion in 'macOS' started by iMouse, Feb 25, 2010.

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    I'm planning to use my Mac Mini media center to replace an old Ventrilo/TeamSpeak server (Winblows). Since I do not plan to have keyboard/mouse access to the Mini, I need to find an easy way to launch the TeamSpeak and Vent server binaries on boot.

    Since the media center is set to auto-login and run an Automator workflow that mounts 3 AFP volumes and opens Plex, I would like to add upon my script to launch TeamSpeak and Ventrilo server. However, this becomes problematic when I add a Shell Script action. The script keeps running because it is looking for Terminal to complete its action and quit so it can move on to the next process. If I terminate the script, it kills the Ventrilo Server application.

    How should I write my Automator workflow? Should I be calling an AppleScript instead? What about possibly creating two Automator Shell Script workflows and calling them both with the main Automator workflow?

    To all the Automator / Shell Scripting / AppleScripting gurus out there, I sure could use (and would greatly appreciate) your help and guidance. :D
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    Why don't you create separate scripts for each application you wish to launch and then add them to your login items in the accounts preferences pane?

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