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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by mynameismatt89, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    I know a little bit about Automator and have never used Applescript. I'm trying to set something up which will automatically work when I try to do the following:

    I've just started using google drive to store and access a duplicate of a certain folder on my computer (which I add content to almost everyday). What I am trying to make is some sort of script that once I add a file to this folder on my computer (which I called 'Everything') I want it to also copy the file to my google drive sub folder with is called 'Everything - copy'. Can anyone provide some assistance on how to do this? I found something sort of related, but I don't want to have to actually run anything when I add the file... I want to somehow set it up so that whenever a file is dropped into my 'Everything' folder, the file is AUTOMATICALLY added to the google drive folder as well. Would this mean that the script would have to be active all the time? (I'm not really sure how this would work - is it possible to write this rule and have it set permanently, and not have to right click on a file and pick an automator command or something?)

    I realize it's a much easier option to just move all of my files to the google drive folder, rather then having two places where they are stored, but I would prefer to have it done this way; so I'm not really looking for any suggestions on alternatives for my file structure, I'm just looking for some help specifically with this automator / applescript command. :)

    Here's the article which is sort of related:

    Thanks for the help!


    Oh, and I just realized that I would also like to do this the other way as well. If I'm at my work computer and I find an image I like, I will upload to the the google drive 'Everything - copy' folder so that when I get home I could then log onto my google drive folder and copy it into my 'Everything' folder on my computer.

    This seems like it might be a slightly more impossible task; does anyone have any ideas for this one as well?
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    An Automator "Folder action" should be able to do this. The article you linked to is for a Service, which has a quite different triggering mechanism.

    Copying or otherwise processing items dropped into certain folders is exactly what Folder Actions is intended for.

    For examples, tutorials, etc., try google search terms: os x folder actions
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    Is there a reason why you just don't download and use the Google Drive app?

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