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    Nov 29, 2007
    Hi all, I am running Leopard with two 1 tb My Book Studios acting as a sort of RAID storing my music and movies. It's not a RAID since I thought I could not move the two drives to a mac mini I plan on buying as an HTPC. My question is, is there an Applescript or Automator command I can use to automatically copy items to drive 2 when I add the item to drive 1? Thanks, I'm new to Mac.

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    Yes - essentially, what you're doing is a very simple Folder Actions script. You set the script to watch the drive as a whole, and copy anything new to the same folder on the second drive. I don't know if Automator can handle this task but I know AppleScript can. I haven't written AppleScripts in a while, and I've never made a custom Folder Action, so I don't know exactly what one looks like.
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    Great! Now how would I go about writing the script? I have no experience with Applescript and haven't had much luck finding tutorials. Thanks again.

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