Automator: How to Remove Duplicate Files

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by MrCheeto, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Unlike Windows, this damn-ded MacOS X won't ask what to do when moving several items with the same name to a single location.

    In Vista and 7, it asks if you want to replace all similarly named items with a single of the items or if you want to put all of the similarly named items in the new location and append an annotation at the end of the file name. (I think Windows appends "Copy #" to duplicates)

    So, I'm left with, "File, File 2, File 3, file 4" in a single folder.

    I need an Automator action to sort this out and simply move or delete the duplicates. The simplest action I can think is:

    Ask for files>get files>select files with similar filenames, neglecting the last characters if they are numerals>reference the size (with accuracy of 1 byte) of selected files>label files of the same size red>select red files>move red files to a selected folder.

    How can I get these sort of tools? I need a measuring action and another action that will compare file names...
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    The trial version of SingleMizer is fully featured, allowing you to play clean up with incredible ease. The trial limitation is tagged only to number of launches of the app. It focuses strictly on content, and is rigged in such a way that you can NOT kill "all" of what is essentially one file-- there's always one left behind by this app, so it's oops proof.

    Honestly, this app is so sweet that it was the first one I purchased from the new app store. Use it a few times and you'll better appreciate what I'm saying! No relation to the dev-- I just appreciate an app that does what ya need, in an elegant, efficient and comprehensive manner-- not to mention fast.

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