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    So I am trying to do something very simple with Automator yet I am having a difficult time. I guess I might be missing a step.

    Basically I download some songs that go into my Downloads folder, after that what I have setup in automator is to grab the files, add it to a certain iTunes playlist as well as move it from the downloads folder to iTunes Music. Then delete the file from downloads.

    For some reason it will not delete the file from the Downloads folder, after it goes through everything the files are still in there but yet they are moved over into iTunes Music.

    Also for some odd reason every time the script is ran it adds the same files over and over again into the playlist so I am ending up having duplicates.

    Can someone please shed some light for me on this? Here is the workflow attached. Please help me out :)

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  2. kryten2, Apr 17, 2012
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    Importing is not moving!
    The files are still there so they are imported again. Also your first action works with iTunes items as input. You need to work with Finder items you get from the Downloads folder. You should start your workflow with :
    1. Get folder contents --> maybe not necessary as you receive files from Downloads
    2. Find finder items --> where: Downloads --> whose kind is audio
    3. Store the result in a variable -- Set value of variable
    4. Import files into iTunes
    5. Get value of variable -- the one from step 3 also ignore input from step 4(right click on top grey bar of action)
    6. Move finder items to trash
    Automator actions take the input from the previous action unless you tell it not to by ignore input. The Move finder items to trash action takes as input : Files/Folders. In your workflow you were feeding it iTunes items. If you setup iTunes to copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library the files will be added by importing.

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    Nov 29, 2008
    This doesn't work at all.

    This automator crap is pissing me off pretty bad. Why is it so difficult to make such a simple task with it...

    Can anyone else help me out?

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