Av component cable to VGA projector

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    Jan 16, 2008
    Just posted this on apple.com, but thought someone he might also have the solution...

    The answer to this question may well be 'buy another apple adaptor', but just to be sure...

    I bought the Apple component AV cable the other day, and got a component-VGA adaptor to plug an iPad2 into my projector (thought I had component input on the projector, but only have composite, VGA and S-video)

    The iPad recognises that there is a video out attached, and through the projector I get an image - but it is very green. Is this because of my funky setup? A bad cable? Or is there just no way around this?

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
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    Jan 16, 2008
    Well, I fixed it by taking the component cable back to the Apple Store and changing it for a VGA cable.

    It's a shame as the component cable means only one output from the ipad/iphone (VGA cable doesn't have audio out as part of it, so have to use the headphone jack) and component cable has aUSB cable as well so you can charge while you watch. But oh well - the picture quality with the VGA is great.
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    Jul 21, 2011
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    It was green because you plugged in only the Green component cable into a composite input. If you had plugged the Blue or the Red it would have been Blue or Red only relative to the cable.

    As you have discovered you have to use the VGA cable with the iPad and Projector. And yes as you discovered that means another cable run to handle the audio.

    Some projectors have an HDMI input...does yours? If so get the Apple digital AV Adapter...iPad out to HDMI. The reason for doing so is that HDMI carries both video and audio - so you would be back to one cable again.

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