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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by GeorgeN111, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Hello everyone, hope you are all doing okay.

    I will be visiting the US from 30th July - 21st August. Around the West Coast of America. Visiting California, Nevada, Utah and also Arizona.

    I was planning on buying from Amazon.com, getting it shipped to Hotel in Hollywood. Phoned hotel and they confirmed they would take shipment, however I am a little concerned about whether there will be stock by then.

    Based on past experience of new product releases, do you think that I will be able to pick up a Retina 15" MacBook Pro then. Will there be steady stock by then.

    Other than Amazon, is there any other place I can buy a Retina MacBook Pro in those states that I can expect stock from. Will Apple have stock by then? Has anyone brought one from a third party reseller? I have heard of Mac-mall, are there any other reseller store franchises in the West Coast?

    Many thanks in advance, I have not brought a MacBook Pro before so soon after release, not did I buy the iPad 1 when it first came out so I know little about immediate product rushes after release.

    I managed to get the iPhone 4s on release day ok and my iMac and iPad 3 were brought 2 months after release. I just want to know whether during the period I am America, whether I will be able to buy one easily without having to worry about stock levels. Almost two months after release. I guess these things are popular, they deserve to be. Look amazing.
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    Someone here posted a few days ago that the Mac Mall retail store locations in SoCal had stock. But that was a few days ago.

    You could always order on Amazon and if they don't ship by the time you arrive in the U.S. cancel the order. Then when you get here call up Mac Mall, if you are going to be in SoCal, and also the local Apple Stores. If you are really feeling adventurous (or desperate) there's Fry's too.
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    It's far from a crisis. Right now in the Uk you can get a retina online, it's just apple that has a delay for its customers. Search around and you will be fine. Availability will be a nonissue shortly. Unlike an iPad or iPhone the retina is quite a lot to spend.... Given we are in a world wide recession, I'd be surprised people have cash sitting around doing nothing.
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    Mar 12, 2011
    you prob can just pick it up in store at that time.
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    May 24, 2010
    OK, thanks for your help, MacMall seems like a good alternative to Amazon if it comes to that.

    The only problem with the Amazon method is that I don't want to order it now because I don't know where I will be when the product is ready for shipping. I am staying at 12 hotels, staying at some locations for longer than others. I need next day delivery to ensure I am at the right hotel at the right time of delivery. I have asked the Bellagio (Las Vegas) and the Renaissance (Hollywood) and they accepted to take collection so will hopefully be getting my new Mac delivered to either one of these.

    The good thing is that I contacted Amazon.com and they assured me that they will have 15" Retina MacBook Pro's available for one day shipping by the beginning of August which means that I will be fine.

    Once again though, thanks for your input everyone.

    Also, regarding "Crisis", I agree it is certainly not a crisis. I just took my Geography A-Level Exam a week ago and I can't get geographical descriptive words out of my head :D It could have been worse, could have wrote, "Availability Disaster," "Availability Catastrophe," "Availability Calamity'" or "Availability Exigency" :p

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