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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by mashinhead, Feb 10, 2007.

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    I know that sony has one on the market right now. the HDR-SR1. I know that panasonic has some on the way, but do they have a hard drive based panasonic avchd one? Anyone know aboout that?

    oh, and i know that avchd isn't supported buy anything, but i want to invest in something that will last me a while. And if i do get one, even thought it won't read in avchd, can i still use it? Would i have to change the setting to mpeg? is that possible?
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    HDV (tape camcorders) still seem the best way to go. Sony has a few models out and Canon has the HV10 and HV20. The HV20 has the bonus of being able to shoot 1080p at 24fps.

    Plus HDV camcorders should work fine in iMovie/Final Cut (AVC ones are currently unsupported).

    Edit: You can't change the codec in any of the current consumer HD camcorders. The only exception are the HDV ones, where you can change them to standard DV (but then they will only shoot in SD).
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    Sony HDR-HC7 Is The Best Choice In Years

    Check out the new Sony HDR-HC7 HDV Camcorder thread. You will have both editing and archiving problems with anything other than HDV. Tape is still the best way to capture and store your memories - believe it or not.

    I'm very much a camcorder maven-fanatic. And I think you will find the HDR-HC7 is the best camera to come along in a very long time and certainly the best HDV camera to ship to date in the sub $2k price range. :) I've waited years for this camera to ship and after about 7 DV and 7 Hi-8 cameras before that, this will be my first HDV camera. Found it for only $1137.81 at ProVantage in North Canton Ohio. List is $1399.

    I recently attended a HD Expo near San Francisco and all the experts said to avoid the HD only camcorders and always to master on good old reliable video tape.
    NOTE: The Canon HV10 & 20 cameras have no LANC port. Without that port you may not connect a zoom controller for your tripod handle nor use it in an underwater housing. So while the 24p of the HV20 looks very attractive and the HV10 is hands down the world's smallest HDV camera, sans HDMI out, just know you will only be able to control it from what's on the camera and never from an external zoom or in an underwater housing.

    That's why I think the Sony HDR-HC7 is the way to go for now.

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