AVCHD...Revolver HD for Mac -vs- Roxio Toast 9

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Elevatorguy, Dec 24, 2008.

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    Nov 28, 2008
    I have a Canon HF10 which records in the AVCHD format and I am looking for a program to burn footage to a DVD. Which of these programs is best? I have a Blu-Ray player that plays the AVCHD codec. Do both of these programs leave the original files in their original states? I would prefer to leave the raw footage alone for archiving purposes. Do either of these programs allow burning to a regular DVD after editing and playback in HD quality on a Blu-Ray player? Do they both burn archive copies in original format? Any opinions and information pro/con on both is appreciated.
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    Your computer can't view this? If it can just transfer you files to the HD and there are your originals. iDVD might burn it but if you have Final Cut Studio, DVD Studio Pro will do the job. Burning on Blu-Ray will obviously give you the best quality but you can use a Burn folder to burn to a DVD with your Superdrive. The quality will be good.*Otherwise use my favorite MPEG Streamclip, here, or not my favorite, AVS Video Converter here. I haven't used AVS yet so I don't know how well it works but Streamclip works great! As for the two programs that you were wondering about... I don't know but Streamclip will defiantly convert them to DVCPRO HD, or other HD formats that you can burn directly from Streamclip.:D Hope I could help. PM or post a reply if ou have further questions and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year (whichever ones suit you best):D
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    Jun 24, 2008
    Toast or RevolverHD won't re-encode the AVCHD .MTS files, so burning to blu ray is fast. They both will create the proper blu ray directory structure, and the AVCHD files get renamed as .m2ts. I'm not sure if FCP or iMovie can import these .m2ts files, so I think your best luck is to burn to blu ray only for viewing, and burn a data DVD as backup. I use a separate 500GB hard drive and copy over the entire directory structure from my SR1 AVCHD camcorder as a means of backup.

    Caveat: When you burn avchd for blu ray, each start and stop of the camcorder (each mts file) means there will be a pause between each clip as your blu ray player plays the next clip. Annoying, but I haven't found an easy workaround.
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    Just to be clear, DVD Studio Pro cannot build a Blu-ray formatted image. The only solutions I've heard of are Toast and Adobe Premier.

    The description of RevolverHD sounds vague but clear enough to say they do NOT write to Blu-ray discs.
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    Yes, I am well aware of that. It obviously can not burn it if Steve Jobs has such a grudge against Blu-Ray and won't allow it to be put in any Mac.:mad:
    Sorry for any confusion caused by my previous post.

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