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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Sith, Jun 28, 2012.

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    I have a Panny HD camcorder and I'm trying to view and save the files which are AVCHD format.

    Is there an app so that I can transfer and view these files via my iPad? I'm trying to avoid using my PC because it's very very slow and can't even play these files.
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    Neither option 1 or 2 shared above will work as a direct step.

    You need to convert the AVCHD to a file format compatible with your iPad. Handbrake can't do that directly from AVCHD. You may be able to import into iMovie 11 from that camcorder and then render a version for your iPad.

    I have a Panasonic that shoots 1080p 60fps. If this happens to be you (OP) too, iMovie won't work well. I use a (not free) program called ClipWrap which can take the AVCHD video and put it in a Quicktime movie container. That may be enough for your iPad. Or it may still be too much for smooth playback on that iPad.

    I go from those Clipwrap files into FCP X and then render out to the :apple:TV preset. This plays well on both :apple:TV and the iPad.

    There are some other tools out there that claim to do what Clipwrap does for less cost- or even free. I tried one of them before I bought Clipwrap but it didn't work well with the 60fps files I shot on that Panasonic. Clipwrap does it well. So I stopped trying other options when I discovered Clipwrap.

    Once you got the output into a Quicktime file you can likely import it into iTunes and see if it will play on your iPad. If not, you could try the iTunes menu option to create version for :apple:TV and that one should play just fine on your iPad. With this option you wouldn't need FCPX in the equation. I simply mention FCPX so that you can edit that video you shoot rather than just playing back your raw camcorder video however it was shot.

    I hope this is helpful
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    I figured it out and it was very easy! My camcorder (Panny HC-V700) allows you to record in H.264 format in addition to AVCHD. Problem solved as the ipad with camera connection kit now recognizes these videos!

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