AVCHD xvcolor hdd-camcoder various questions

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by bozigle, Aug 23, 2007.

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    few questions

    AVCHD camcoder have a bit-rate inferior to HDV's ones but the algo should in the near futur solve the superiority of the MPEG2.
    AVCHD are using the xvcolor (or xvycc) meaning much more info... how does that really compare since there is this drop in bitrate. This does sound a great idea on the paper but what does that do in real life. Is it the case of the next technology's first attemp, that is not totally ready for the time being? or can we already see a clear difference

    On the subject on the AVCHD HDD camcoder (sony and panasonic), there is the posibility to just burn the movie onto a dvd... i couldn't find anything about it but could it be that an external usb2-HDD would be a good partner to empty the camcoder hdd or is it a no no? i mean can a external HDD directly be pluginto the camera and files be move or is there a need for a computer to be connected?

    I could see that sony is releasing products BDplayers and flatscreen/projo that have the xvcolor... does anyone have an idea that it would mean the BD have already this color gamut or is it something to come in the furtur.
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    Yes, the Sony Blu-ray Disc™ players have x.v.Colour support. But then you need a TV with x.v.Colour output, so you end up buying a high-end BRAVIA like the X Series or the VPL-VW200 SXRD™ projector, because x.v.Colour is for the moment a Sony-only feature that is simply based on the pending xvYCC color standard.

    x.v.Colour is a good idea, but for now I see it more as a gimmick to get you to buy only high-end Sony products. It's not going to help you if you've got a Handycam® that supports it but an incompatible (i.e., non-Sony) TV.

    As for saving the movie directly to an external HD, I can't help you. I just write about the products. I've never actually had any practical experience with one.
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    Ok continuing my investigation...
    So x,v,color are sony only (for the moment) so doest that mean that if you plug a panasonic camcoder into a bravia then you don't have this extra gamut?? that sucks! I like sony (and canon) but i'm nowhere near to only buy their products... specialy if i'm force to do so...

    i had the idea that the hdmi1.3 was to bring the support for new sound format but also this extra color's support. in which case this would be a standard and anyone writting hdmi1.3 on their product would have to support this color gamut and not only sony.
    Also i guess that for the BD (and HD-DVD), using the AVC-1 codec rather than MPEG-2 is a necessity to have this extra colors but it also probably need that the movie was scanned or shoot with the proper hardware. I wonder how much of the actual discs available, are using this extra colors or can we expect in the futur some "x,v,color extended director's cut" of the already existing discs.

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