Avid: Edit Anywhere, On Anything


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Jan 11, 2002
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Avid blog:

Wouldn't it be great if you, the editor, could work in a no-compromise video editing environment with minimal client-side compute/storage requirements and without the need to sync data, proxy or otherwise, regardless of the distance between you and your video?

At NAB, Avid is demonstrating technology that aims to fulfill the vision: edit anywhere, on anything. Behind this vision are some core beliefs:

• We believe you should be able to access your media anywhere-without copying it.
• We believe that you shouldn't have to worry about codecs and formats for either ingest or delivery. Everything should just work.
• We believe that you should be able to edit in the edit bay, in the cafeteria, at home, on location, in the airport lounge, or even at 33,000 feet-without compromise.
• We believe that if the only hardware you have with you is a netbook-you should still be able to edit.
• We believe that not just media, but software too can be streamed to the laptop-truly making any computer an editor.

You probably have those same beliefs. And if seeing is believing, you'll just have to come check out our web-based editing technology demo at NAB.
Sounds pretty cool in theory. I hope they have a working demo or something at NAB and don't just announce that there will be future announcements.



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Jul 1, 2004
they must have wizards and elves working over there...

those are some lofty ideas, but very cool. although with the lag we get on our Unity, I'd probably scratch my eyes out with the delay over the web.


Sep 7, 2008
forlod bygningen
Finally I can forget about the faulty Editshare and capture all the 1300 tapes for our next project onto the web and see how that goes.

Quite a interesting concept though, but there must be some hefty compression involved to work with that.

Btw, since you both are here, do you maybe know if the Mac Pro 1,1 has a Firewire 800 speed limitation?
I only get 17MB/s via Firewire 800 with that Mac, either via Finder or using Consolidate in Avid.
Our PowerMac G5 can give me at least 35MB/s.
And my iMac and MBP give me 55 to 65MB/s.


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Mar 25, 2009
This is why AVID is still top dog in Hollywood. They are forward thinking folks and their NLE provides the least headaches and gives the user so many great features, some of which are absent in other big time NLEs.


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Mar 6, 2007
It all sounds quite Apple-like, doesn't it? Apple often don't sound all that Apple-like when it comes to Final Cut Studio.