Avoiding huge bills when traveling internationally

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    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this already but I haven't really traveled abroad before so I just want to be 100% positive...I have an iPhone 5 with AT&T and I'm traveling to Europe next week. I won't need it for calls or anything so I'm just bringing it to play games on the plane and I'll use it in WiFi hotspots. So if I only use it for WiFi and I do NOT want a huge bill when I get home from roaming fees, all I need to do is leave it in airplane mode the whole time, correct? I know airplane mode seems kind of obvious, but then again you hear horror stories of people who travel internationally and then have huge bills when they come home…So I just didn't know if there was something more to it than that, maybe something I have to disable in Settings. Thanks.
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    Airplane mode will stop wifi working too, remember.

    Here are a couple of tips that you will find on Google...

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    Put it in airplane mode then turn wifi on manually and your cellular radio will never be activated.

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