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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by ceharrin, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Oct 1, 2012
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    I never post but I wanted to take a minute to mention what happened to me at the Leawood Apple Store yesterday.

    Wife's 5 y/o 13 in MB was not charging and I was pretty certain the fact that the dog chewed the charger cable was the reason but since we just replaced the battery in Aug I went ahead and made an appt with the genius bar - no sense in shelling out $80+ for a new charger is that wan't the case.

    They took a look and although it was pretty obvious where the dog chewed the cable, the tech also commented about the bend right where the cord leaves the charger and says this is a known issue and would replace the charger at no cost to me. Then he looked at the battery, just to check, and saw a small gap between the pins and the mount - I only looked at it for a second so can't comment completely on when saw. Regardless, I left after about 25 min with a new battery and charger for our old macbook. Glad I did - I was all set to just by a new charger and call it good.

    Kudos to Apple on excellent customer service -

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    Kudos to you

    I had the exact OPPOSITE experience at the Plaza store yesterday. My MacBook charger is working intermittently. I schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar and demonstrated the problem. The Genius acknowledged the problem and said that most likely the wires at the “L” connector were coming lose. He twisted the “L” connector around and was able to get the amber/green light to come on. He also performed a system diagnostic to ensure the battery was charging. Once done, he said that to replace it would cost $61 or I could purchase a brand new one.

    Not my best experience at the Genius bar, but congrats to you for having your issue resolved.

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