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    Nov 18, 2011
    So when thinking about all the trillions of apps out there on the app store right now... Why is there not a single dream journal software out right now? I mean there is one petty dream journal software for the iPod but there is not a SINGLE APP for our computers.

    You would think by now there should be at least a few right?

    Is anyone out there like me that likes to journal their dreams or am I alone?

    Who else wants one or who wants to teach me how to make one!?
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    Sep 11, 2007

    I don't know why there aren't any dream journal apps out there (maybe there are, I have never checked) but couldn't you just use one of the already available journaling apps for it? What differentiates a dream journal from a regular journal? I think keeping a dream journal is a good idea as many people have very vivid and imaginative dreams which they might want to write down but I don't know how that is any different than a regular journal (other than you might keep it next to your bed so you could record your dreams first thing if it were a real journal).

    Maybe you should try MacJournal from Mariner Soft, I'm sure that there are other journal applications out there but MacJournal is the one that I heard about the most. There is also

    Good luck,
  3. ben1257sb thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 18, 2011
    Hey Mecha!

    Thanks for the reply. My ideal dream journal software would be very minamilistic when typing but very powerful upon reflection. Just some text and a soothing dark background for inserting dreams and then a powerful database and search function for later. I want a piece of software where I could whip my computer out in the middle of the night and not have an intense bright screen to look at. I would also like to be able for the software to find repetition in my dreams. Like it could be able to say, "you have dreamed about water 3 times this month." or "your ex girl friend has showed up twice this week" kind of stuff. Dreaming is something that needs to be reflected upon and the more you do it, the better you can become lucid and the better you can go into every day life. There would be a way for me to check off, "I was lucid" or "I was not lucid". THen the software could say, you haven't been lucid in 2 weeks. Or you were lucid 3 times this week!. If the software should be precise enough to detect similarities, redundancies and other commonalities between my dreams, it could save me a lot of time.

    I would also like some sort of search function. Like say, I had a dream about cooking, I could run a search for food in my dreams just to see how food appears in the dream world. Also a cool drawing slate would be fun. A way do draw some things that are extremely hard to describe. I'm not sure if regular journaling software has these capabilities but I am totally going to give a few a try. I am so sick of microsoft word for journaling my dreams.

    As far as dream journal software goes, I am sure there are plenty of people with the capability of creating a good one and even far more people willing to pay for a quality one that has all the functions regular dream enthusiasts like myself have.

    Anyone out there reading, I'd easily put 10 bucks down for an app that could do these functions.

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