Awesome Easter Egg in GPS Kit 3.2

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by CADer, Jul 12, 2009.

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    So what is this Easter Egg:
    -First off it is called "Radio" - it is a new settings option in the settings of the app. And when enabled it will ask for your consent to share your location with others, kinda like Loopt (I think I don't use Loopt) but more of a live updating position, track, and speed shared with others.

    -Name & Color Select - Change your screen name and color for your Arrow Navigation Icon and that will also be the color of your track from now on (others see the color and name also, keep name under 5 letters).

    -Channel Select - from 1 Million channels, because you don't really want to share you location with just anyone.

    What else:
    -You are also able to click on someone else then click the user name and send a message to them, I find this to really show how beta it is as it may take some time to get to the recipient, or just never get to them - so yes keep in mind it is a beta item.
    -You can also see there current speed.

    Enable It:
    So just go to the setting icon in the upper right corner of the map tab and you will see a bunch of toggles and a space below the last toggle - now slide your finger back and forth without lifting several times right below the last toggle all the way across the screen (most the way across the screen) without touching the the Proximity Sensor setting or the units at the bottom. You should eventually, see Radar with a blue arrow and a toggle. Just click the blue arrow and change the settings, user name, color, and channel, Note Channel 0-0 is the default thus if you want to see others and be seen leave it on that channel, or if you have another iphone to play around with the features just set both to the same channel.

    Please note that this is hidden because it needs more testing so now that more people know about it problems may arise, but I have been using if for about 4 months now with 4 other friends and aside from a few hick-ups it works, must have a connection to be able to see the location of others and to be able to broadcast your location, guess I shouldn't have to say that but someone is bound to ask if it transmits the location over the GPS, no it doesn't and can't, it uses the cell or wifi signal so this feature is only operable with a signal but everything else works without a signal.

    "Please restart the Phone after enabling the Radar."

    Please don't post bogus reviews on itunes because this part of the app may not function 100%, as the dev's did not promise these features to anyone yet, once their itunes page lists this as a feature and if it does not work then, then you can post a review about this feature. Just post here and I will see if I can figure it out or get in contact with the dev.
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    Lets make this easy! Just watch the video here: GPS Kit Easter Egg

    Not sure how to embed video in a post?

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