Awful skies with iPhone 6

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by outsidethebox, Mar 18, 2016.

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    I'm getting continually blotched (not sure how else to describe it) skies with my iPhone 6 camera. They aren't totally blown-out (which I wouldn't mind, because I like the all-white sky look) but this horrid Blue-Teal-White mixture. I took these shots today and tried to fix this problem using the Exposure tool and also tried HDR mode, but nothing helped.

    An all blue sky would be fine. A totally blown-out white sky would be fine (preferable for me). But a horrid mixture like this ruins my photos completely. Any help?

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    Then don't shoot nearly into the sun!

    You're not going to get an all-blue sky with the sun just outside of the frame in the upper right like that. Part of the image is blown-out, part isn't, which is what you'd expect with any camera under these conditions.

    And you didn't mention the lens flare, which is proof of the sun's position.
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    If you have a Digital SLR you would aim your Auto Focus point to an area that needs to meter against so that you can get a proper reading of the image that you're trying to frame. Basically point it to a low light area and then lock that focus. The same technique can be applied to an iPhone. Tap on your screen to where you need to meter or to lighten up. Then press and hold the screen until the AF lock shows up. Then take the photo.

    B. Use the Camera+ App to edit your photo.

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