[B]Installing new hard drive (first time)[/B]

Discussion in 'macOS' started by mactib, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. mactib macrumors member


    Jul 21, 2006
    Mission Briefings:

    New hard drive 120 gigs seagate barracuda.
    Mac G4 Sawtooth.
    OS X 10.4.7

    I need to install the new hard drive. I am doing it for the first time. so...
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    Nov 24, 2005
    I'm only really here at night.
    the below assumes that you will be adding the new hd to the machine by installing it above the current one, using the double tiered bracket that should already be there..... if not, say so and the steps can be adjusted accordingly:

    1) gather ALL tools and other items BEFORE opening the HD package or the machine. Put them close to your work area so you dont have to move around much to get to them.

    2) with machine off, open the case

    3) touch both your hands to a metal surface on the power supply to ground yourself. Do NOT walk around after this without repeating this step!

    4) Look at the back of the new HD, make sure the jumpers are set to "slave" position. There should be directions on the unit, or in the box, on how to do this.

    5) Carefully disconnect the ATA and power cables from the current HD and gently push them out of your way.

    6) look for a single, small, philips-head screw right below where the ata cable was attached to the HD. This secures the mounting sled to the bottom plate. Remove it, then pull the front of the sled upwards slightly, then pull it out towards you.

    7) You should now be holding the sled, with the current HD, in your hands. Note the metal side rails and the 4 screw holes. These are used to mount the new HD to the sled. Do that now, tighten the screws firmly but do NOT overtighten them (the strip out easily) Now is also a good time to blow out any dust/dirt etc from your machine :p

    8) Note the 2 tabs at the bottom rear of the sled. Reinstall the sled onto the base plate by inserting these tabs into the slots at the back of the base plate, then set the sled down and align the screw holes, and replace the little screw.

    9) Connect the ata and power cables to both drives, the bottom one first, by gently but firmly inserting them into their sockets. They only go in 1 way, so do NOT force them, but make certain they are 100% seated into the sockets. Note that the new drive should have included a multiplier/ adapter cable for the power plug. This will connect to any of the extra power plugs in the sawtooth case, preferably the closest one to the HD's

    10) close up the case and start up the machine.

    11) Open Disk utility, locate the new drive in the left panel, highlight it, format & name it as you wish. Once formatting is complete, the drive will mount on your desktop with whatever name you gave it.

    12) you can now install whatever you want onto the new drive, be it OS X, applications, storage files etc etc.......

    mission accomplished :D

    please feel free to post back with questions or a progress report !

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