Baby Explorer- The perfect baby toy from Punflay!

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  1. Zacherena macrumors member

    May 25, 2010
    Baby Explorer, a unique app by Emantras, was created to satisfy the development needs of toddlers from 3 months and above. The app makes use of bright colors to appeal to your child who begins distinguishing among bold colors by her/his fifth month. A spring loaded butterfly and a wheel help your little one’s hand-eye coordination. And four push buttons that quack, ring, squeak and whistle are all aimed at stimulating your baby’s auditory center.


    Baby Explorer will fuel your child’s fascination with its high contrast colors and designs, and excite their curiosity with fun activities (like cracking open an egg/ tracking rings) and animations (a leaping frog). And you can breathe easy knowing that this is one toy they won’t be able to swallow!



    * High contrast colors
    * Baby-friendly sounds to stimulate auditory senses
    * Tracking rings to encourage spotting and tracking
    * Spring-loaded butterfly and wheel to improve hand-eye coordination
    * Fun activities that excite curiosity and exploration
    * Toy parts are not small enough to swallow
    * Portable and allows for easy storage

    Requirement: iPad
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    Jul 21, 2008
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    Did you write this app?

    Are there any demo videos of babies playing with it?

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