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  1. namethisfile, Sep 10, 2011
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    Jan 17, 2008
    hey guys,

    just got the new asus pa238q, an ips display. i love it! great colors and everything. even matches my mbp in color temperature out of the box. i didn't even have to tinker with it at all. although, i am not a professional photo editor, i do edit photos quite often and wanted the convenience of a bigger screen than my mbp's 15" and match if not exceed the mbp's color performance. i figured that i needed an ips monitor and the asus is one of three that i found that is under $300. not bad. so i got one without reserve even though it is a relatively new item that hardly any reviews are available except those from overseas. i don't want to turn this into a review of the monitor though so i will cut to the chase.

    i have had the monitor for 2 days now and noticed the back lighting issue when watching a movie. i then investigated further by creating a few solid colors with a graphics editor like photoshop or pixelmator and used preview to make it fullscreen--a very handy if not nerve-wracking feature if used in this way. fortunately, i did not find stuck or dead pixels. phew! but i did notice the back lighting leakage more. i am not sure what is acceptable because i know most if not all lcd's use backlighting and they do tend to leak. right? anyway, i took a photo of the monitor with a solid black background color and as you can see, there is some leakage--especially on the upper right side of the panel.

    here is the photo:


    my question is, is this acceptable? and by acceptable, is this worse than normal? and by normal, i guess, should i bother returning it?

    i did just get it so i can probably return it to the retailer.

    thanks in advance.



    here is another photo where i cranked up the brightness all the way to 100. it looks worst.


    what do you guys think? should i return it?

    UPDATE: i can also notice the black light leak on the right side when i change my desktop background with something black.
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    Apr 25, 2011
    All LCDs leak. LED displays generally tend to show a bit more leakage because of the point source nature of the LEDs, but beyond that it can't be avoided. CCFL-lit LCD panels also leak light, typically along the top and bottom edges.

    It's impossible to tell from a photograph if your unit shows acceptable leakage or not, you'll have to make that judgement yourself, but there's no guarantee another unit won't have a similar amount of leakage, so any chancy returns will just be rolling dice and causing additional costs which will burden future customers.
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    so, should i return it? i have 10 days.

    pros to returning:

    1) never returned a product before so it will be a learning experience
    2) not so heavy so i can carry it without a problem
    3) i don't mind waiting if i have to
    4) the item does show excessive backlight bleeding
    5) i have a backup lcd monitor (tn panel but no blb issue)
    6) sending item back to mail system and then the warehouse must be good for the system to have things to move around
    7) i could get lucky and get a monitor with no blb issue nor any other issue for that matter

    cons to returning:

    1) i could get a worse replacement
    2) i have to repeat steps above
    3) the blb issue is only visible when watching a dark movie and or have a dark background in one spot of the screen and the spot is off to the side so i can ignore it if i have to
    4) life is too short to rma
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    Apr 25, 2011
    Well, like I said, it's impossible for someone else who isn't you to decide this for you (especially from across the internet!), but if you really suffer because of this, and regularly view dark imagery where the bleeding causes mental distress and/or anguish :)D), by all means, return it.
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    I think you might need to wait for OLED displays to come out so their backlight bleed doesn't bother you :p

    I'm not sure i'd return it, i'd try to find more pictures of that display on the net, it might be the norm, it might be better then you'll regret it big time, it might be worse..
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    Jan 17, 2008
    ok. so the consensus (2-0) seems to be to live with the blb.

    and both you guys think that strip of blb on the right side towards the top right hand corner is not too excessive?

    the photos were shot with a nikon d90, btw, as seen with the naked eye. i didn't wanna have to circle or point to it because i think the blb is fairly obvious. none of the other lcd's i have in the house exhibit the same kind of bleeding. sure, there are blb's with the other lcd's that i have but they aren't so concentrated. i feel like the blb on the photos above shows a very concentrated form of blb where it can be distracting and noticeable with a dark background image and/or watching a movie with dark scenes. i also think that the blb is not the normal "ips glow" i have found while researching this issue because it isn't a glow (although the monitor does also exhibit the alleged "ips glow") but a light leakage. an excessive one at that.

    so, i guess, 2 of you guys think i should just live with this. and i am fine with that idea. i just wanna make sure that i am not living with a defective unit because i think the one that i got is slightly defective due to the excessive strip of blb (right side, a little up on the monitor).

    do you guys see the strip i am talking about? do you think I am being too picky?
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    Jan 17, 2008
    i think it's a little too late for that since i got the one that i got. the only question is whether i should return it because the blb is bad on this monitor. i also don't know if this is an issue with this model since it just came out. i only found one person on the net who was dissatisfied with the monitor (someone from abroad) and returned it and said that he didn't like the diamond shaped glow. my monitor also has that diamond-shape glow and i think that that is the alleged "ips glow." i don't have a problem with that though since my issue is the strip of blb on the right side of the monitor (towards upper right hand).

    do you think i am being too picky?

    this is the last time i buy a monitor online. hard to tell quality of monitor from photos online. the monitor def feels like a $275 monitor. upon opening it, the monitor felt plasticky and cheaply put together. oh, well. live and learn.

    you are right, maybe in 10 yrs, there will be oled's big enough and cheap enough for me to afford.
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    Jan 17, 2008
    here is another photo with an arrow pointing to the blb. also shows how beautiful the screen is on this asus even though it's priced at sub $300. but there is imperfection in the perfection...


    am i being too picky? ocd?

    other lcd monitors i've had experienced with (benq fp91g+, 12" powerbook, 15" mid2010 mbp & mid2007 20" imac) don't show that strip of light when i use the same background image.

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