Back protector film worth it?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by collaboration, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. collaboration macrumors newbie

    May 5, 2012
    I've been using film to protect back of iPad but is it really required?

    What are your thoughts?

    Is the bare back scratch resistant enough?
  2. inselstudent macrumors 6502a

    Jul 27, 2012
    I doubt the aluminum would not get scratched if I used my iPad without its smartcase. Unfortunately, the case makes it everything but sexy, so...... I'm looking for another solution. What kind of film are you using? I thought about getting a Zagg Invisible Shield, but I dunno if it's really the best when it comes to touch and feel.
  3. max53389 macrumors member

    Jul 25, 2012
    No. I only put one on because I got the screen protector for free and included both sides. I would remove it but I don't want to waste it.
    First since the iPad has curved edges, the film will eventually peel off around the edges and if that annoys you then don't put one on.
    Also if your thinking of putting on a case, then the case could peel up the film as well.
    Don't know about how scratch resistant the back is so can't comment on that.
  4. collaboration thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 5, 2012
    I'm currently using Best Skins Ever.

    It's started to peel off at the bottom near the charger. Other than that it's still in good condition after 6 months of usage. Also I have to admit I haven't done a great job putting the film on at the time.


    I'm not a big fan of putting on a case :(

    Might stick with the film.. would prefer not to put anything on but at the same time I don't want to risk it :(
  5. RenoG macrumors 65816

    Oct 7, 2010
    I noticed that the smart cover hinges marrs the back of the ipad (after only a week of use) a skin may help prevent that, well, until it wears through. Currently I'm just using the smart case.
  6. HotRodGuy macrumors regular

    Jan 28, 2008
    Huntington Beach, CA -> Raleigh, NC

    try rubbing off the marks, shouldn't actually be marring it.
  7. RenoG macrumors 65816

    Oct 7, 2010
    Really ok, I'll try that. I figured since it was metal on metal the punk marred my ipad.....
  8. h1r0ll3r macrumors 68040


    Dec 28, 2009
    I use a back film and case on mine. The back being aluminum and me always setting/sliding my iPad around, it's pretty much mandatory for me. I just use a cheap back film, don't even know what brand it is, but it's held up well so far so no complaints. In the random situations where I go caseless, I know there's, at least, some scratch protection on my iPad so that's a little peace of mind as well. Then again, I'm one of those people who are super anal about my gadgets getting scratched so it's your call ;)
  9. HotRodGuy macrumors regular

    Jan 28, 2008
    Huntington Beach, CA -> Raleigh, NC

    yea, I thought the same at first, realized it was simply the paint like coating on the hinges of the smart cover
  10. RenoG macrumors 65816

    Oct 7, 2010
    Ahhh that make sense, well soon as I get home today from work, I'll handle that. It looks pretty bad...
  11. donnaw macrumors 65816

    Apr 19, 2011
    Austin TX
    I had Ghost Armor put on the front and back of my husband's iPad 2 and my old iPad 1 (my grandkids use it). Both have had it on for well over a year and neither is peeling. And believe me, my grandkids use it a lot and put it through the paces.

    I had it put on at the mall. The 'feel' is just fine. Not nearly as sticky as I remember Zagg.

    Oh, and they have a lifetime warranty, so if it ever does peel they replace it.
  12. takeshi74 macrumors 601

    Feb 9, 2011
    Subjective. Same as any question of worth is on any topic.

    No, it's not required. It's a matter of preference.
  13. Digidesign macrumors 6502

    Jan 7, 2002
    Update: I had the Best Skins Ever back skin film for the iPad 3, and it was fine for a few months.

    What happens slowly is that the edges of the film around areas that you hold the ipad and plug things in start to fray. The corners catch on your hand as you move the iPad around, and it gets peeled back a bit and dirt gets in. So while the majority of the back is nicely protected and the grip is great, it really bugged me that there are these small "flaps" of the skin that no longer stick to the back and look grimy. This week I finally had enough and removed the entire back skin.

    Not sure if this is the same experience with other skins like zagg.
  14. Stevi macrumors member


    Sep 25, 2012
    Whiteshell Provincial Park, Mb, Canada
    Gelaskins what I have used for both my iPad2s (the first iPad had an unfortunate face-plant meeting with a tiled floor, purely my fault:eek:). I put Gelaskins ( on both and they have both lasted really well. The first skin outlived the iPad and it just wasn't worth trying to peel it off, I already had the 2nd one at home. The second skin looks as good as the day I put it on. There is no edge fraying or lifting. A good thing really as I tend to pick away at anything that isn't sitting right. They were quite reasonable less than $30 each including courier delivery) and I was able to custom create my own design although they have enough choices to make your head spin.

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