back to Apple Music and still the sqme questions?

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    Oct 19, 2014
    After trying for a couple of months an Android phone and Deezer, I came back (and happy to do it) to an iphone and back (quite reluctantly) to Apple music. Back in July I was disgusted literally of Apple Music and what the icloud music library did to my itunes library (30% of art work lost, all playlists duplicated 3-4 times) etc. I couldn't understand why I need to move a way from a nicely ordered itunes library synced to my phone, just in order to be able to save apple music tracks for offline listening.
    Out of Apple Music I realized also it's advantages. Great off the shelve playlists, pro active content, music not available on any of the other streaming services (specifically being from Israel but living in Europe - Apple Music proposes a much richer Israeli music catalog than any of the other services out there). So I am now back and I am trying to see if anything changed and if anyone has advice on how to:

    - continue syncing from itunes library to my iphone (I rip a lot of live music off youtube and I would like to continue to be able to upload it to my phone for offline listening)
    - recover my lost art work and get it back on my phone
    - save music from Apple music for offline listening (critical for me, as my work phone subscription includes only 2gb of data, and i spend a lot of time in my car driving to see customers)

    Any advice are welcome. for now - I enabled icloud music library back on my phone, but not on my itunes. not sure if this works?
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    you came back ?

    While the content is still great, that's all.. Unfortunately, i can't gain access to my offline music after upgrading iTunes so that's a first thing i'd avoid if u can otherwise u may get "You are not connected to the internet."

    adding songs from iOS is good, as long as it's only iOS... If you add songs from Mac, it will double up......... but u probably knew that....

    I wouldn't even bother wish artwork... Apple changes this on a daily basis.... even with Apple music's own catalog, but it may work for you.

    Basically, nothing much has changed. Your not missing much.

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