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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by martinocando, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. martinocando macrumors regular


    Jun 12, 2013
    Last week, on Monday I installed it. Love at first sight. Figuring out some apps refused to work, on Wednesday rolled back to 6.1.4. Today, after reading about clean installs, I came back to iOS7. Missed it too much.:eek:

    Now, regarding the clean install, I have a few comments:

    - Skype keeps crashing when trying to IM someone. I guess I'll live without it for a few more weeks until, hopefully, Beta 2 fixes it.
    - Apps seem to have shrunk considerably. I now have more than 7 gigs available on my 16gig iphone 5. I installed back many of the apps I had before, with a few exceptions, but never worth 4 gigs (I had 3 gigs available when I went to 7 the first time and restored from iTunes). Definitively there is something fishy on those backups.
    - PVZ still crashes :(
    - I'm now using a dark background, and definitively looks way better on a black iphone.
    - I do have one issue with the app store, and is that no matter I'm logged in on settings, there is one app trying to update and asks my apple id every time, but is still on waiting. I'll reread the bugs threads for more info on that one.

    Other than that, a few restarts here and there, I'm a happy camper. Battery seems to hold up nicely. I think I'll just stay with it, and just follow the whole beta testing phase.
  2. kerrikins macrumors 65816

    Sep 22, 2012
    For the hanging app, you could try going in to the App store and looking for the app to see if there's a little "pause" icon next to it. I found that all the ones that were stuck for me had this, and when I tapped it it suddenly switched to 'open' and the problem was solved. :) Other people had to go about a roundabout way of deleting and redownloading, though.
  3. martinocando thread starter macrumors regular


    Jun 12, 2013
    I did that and just kept asking my apple id again and again. I fixed it by updating the app from itunes.
  4. BigMar89 macrumors 6502

    Jun 15, 2013
    Seattle, WA
    Did all your pics from the Camera Roll backup show up? I did the same but noticed half of my pictures were missing with only 88MB worth yet my Camera Roll backup still insists its 220MB
  5. martinocando thread starter macrumors regular


    Jun 12, 2013
    No issues with pictures here.

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