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    I have been using screen sharing since 10.5 and have only recently tried to do some. Im currently running a MBP with 10.6.2 on it and I can't connect to it from any computer or connect to any computer from it. in the finder under Shared i see it and when I attempt to connect I get this "Connection failed The server may not exist or it is not operational at this time. check the server name or IP address and your network connection and try again".

    When I try and screen share on another computer I get the screen sharing icon to appear in my dock, but when i try and screen share out from my computer it does not even appear. At one point I added a command in terminal that allowed me to keep that screen sharing app in the dock I think this was the link: .

    it seems that after I updated to snow leopard I lost my screen sharing app in my dock (It was a question mark). So I removed it from my dock cause it wasn't using it at the time. When I do a search for screen sharing on my computer I cant find the icon.

    Any suggestions?

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    First, BTMM is part of MobileMe. Do you have MobileMe? If not would would need another a VNC client.

    If you want to have the Screen Sharing app in your Dock you can just drag it there. It lives in your: HD / System / Library / CoreServices folder...

    The first steps in fixing a BTMM issue is to:

    - Confirm that your router supports it. I ended up buying an AirPort and BTMM has worked well ever since. If yours has worked locally and over the internet before with screen sharing, then it should work under 10.6.2

    Try the following on each Mac:

    - In System Prefs / MobileMe / BTMM - turn off, or stop, BTMM then in Sharing Prefs uncheck, or turn off screen sharing.

    - Shut down the Mac's on your network

    - Reboot your modem/router (unplug them for 5 min.)
    - Restart your modem/router

    - Boot your Macs back up, ONE AT A TIME and confirm that you have access to the internet.

    - In System Prefs / MobileMe / BTMM - turn ON, or START, BTMM (confirm that you have a GREEN DOT) then in Sharing Prefs CHECK, or turn ON screen sharing (confirm that you have a GREEN DOT). Be patient and wait for the GREEN DOT(s)

    If the above does not work, try the following:

    You might be able to repair your screen sharing by following the steps in this MacFixIt article. It is probably a keychain issue:;title

    Hope this helps :)
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    Yes I have mobile me. I have used screen sharing before through bbtm.

    -It could be my router however its weird how it works off and on when none of the settings are being changed. I may have to get a airport extreme.
    -I also tried the steps you suggested with no success.
    -In the past I have been able to get things up and running again just by unplugging the modem the router and the switch and then plugging them in one at a time waiting a few minutes for each to reboot.

    Does any one know this work around will work? If you get the app in your dock and then open it you get this window that asks for a host name. if you enter your "" will it connect? do you need to use "computername-username-members-mac-com" instead?

    I found this "" was saved after my a successful connection in this window. if you get this program and enable the screen sharing window.

    does anyone see something similar to this ?

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