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Mar 19, 2010
Hi, I want to access my Mac Pro from outside my home network. BTTM is setup properly and I can indeed access it from inside from other Mac.

I am using TP-Link router and I came through various sites mentioning ports to be open, unfortunately this doesn't work for me at all ;(

Can someone share working guide for non Apple Routers??:cool:


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Feb 4, 2013
Unfortunately I did everything on that list - all ports has been added as well...[/QUOTE

I'm reviving this thread because I had this issue when trying to connect remotely from a rMBP to a Mac Mini. It was a permissions problem for me. Somewhere between Lion and El Capitan updates the sharing permissions went wrong. Although I had the necessary permissions I couldn't connect. I found 0 on the inter web to solve the issue so I thought I'd share the solution.

In the sharing options under screenshare and fileshare, simply delete everyone who has permission and then add them all again. It worked instantly after that.
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