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    Hi All..

    is is true that Remote Management doesn't work in conjugation with Back to my Mac ?

    I use this internally all the time to remotely administrator my Mac mini, log-off restart, remote installations etc...

    Seem like a limitation more than anything..., At least with Windows RDC, and VPN connection you can still do that....

    I think Apple just wants you to buy ARD, as they would have bundled the Remote Management service with screen sharing otherwise.

    In any case, this this the only way, or are there better solutions ?

    I don't have an Airport Extreme, but it should still work. I'm also "double natting" using a Airport express, +going though router for internet access outside from my MBP, so if ports would need to be open, then i'm also guessing it would need to be done on both, otherwise the other would block the first.
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