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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ImNoSuperMan, Jul 23, 2008.

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    Dec 1, 2005
    Hi all. My cousin who`s studying in califorina is going to come back home next month. Since my current "Day One" MacBook is now more than two years old and giving me a lot of hardware erros(thankfully I had bought AppleCare) I decided to get myself a new MB as he`ll be eligible for "Back to School" offer. A few queries though...-

    1. Can he buy and get discount only once. Coz I was thinking of getting two if possible. Will he get the free iPT and other stuff on only one purchase or both of them.

    2. Is it possible to ship the printer to a different address and the MacBook to a different address? As I have no intention of getting the printer and would like to directly ship it to the new buyer thereby saving the hassle of re-shipping to someone else.(yeah you can say I m cheap but I have a really really tight budget:eek:)

    3. I remember someone posting here that you can get discount on apple gift cards purchased on eBay. But I couldnt find that again. Has anyone got any such discount? Or is there any other place where I can find Apple gift cards with discounts.

    4. Also how does this mail in rebate thing works? Do I get cash back in form of a cheque/online transfer or do I get an Apple Store Credit?

    5. If I cant find any discounted Apple Gift cards can I buy directly from using my non US credit card and get that shipped to my cousin in the States.

    found an answer to my 5th query. Apple will only accept US issued Credit cards only.
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    One per year.

    What's the problem with moving it post-ship?

    The rebate's online now.
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    Dec 1, 2005

    Ok. Just one per year. That`d mean I`ll have to do with this MacBook only as the new one will be a gift from his father(my uncle) to him for graduation. He was going to get him a cheap HP Lappy but I convinced him that I`ll get him a Mac in the same budget.

    Anyways. If Apple could ship it to a diff address then my cousin wont need to re-ship it. Since this is the end of his semester he`d be a lil busy with studies. SO I thought I`ll save him some trouble if possible. But it`s not really a trouble and I m sure he wont mind when he finds out how much he`s saving coz of this.

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