Back to school rebate in January 2009?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by dbp13, Jan 2, 2009.

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    I have seen a few threads that mention that in the US the back to school rebates for ipods are only offered (usually) in June/July/August. I am about to purchase a Macbook and am just trying to find a general consensus opinion about whether Apple will offer this promotion in January. I realize they have not offered it yet and it looks doubtful (to me), however if anyone out there has a fairly definitive opinion I would appreciate it. I will wait for a basically free itouch but if this promotion will not be running I'd rather get my Macbook now. Thank you for your opinions/advice
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    Duff-Man the best of my recollection they've never done a "back to school" in January before and seeing as the MacBooks were just recently revised I think it very very unlikely that they'd pick this time to start a new promotion like that...oh yeah!
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    Highly unlikely. In the past, Apple Inc. has only offered the "Back to School" promotions around June-September in the US.
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    Umm...if you see one; it's not going to be called "Back to School"

    Still like what was said above; it seems highly unlikely, even given the recent economic downturn. You would be more likely to see permanent price cuts on Mac models like has happened in the past. History shows us that Cupertino doesn't like short term promotions of any kind, with the one exception of Black friday. It would therefore seem odd for them to do a "Back to School" promotion through March? History also shows us that Apple doesn't like change, and more recent history shows us that they do not care about the economic crisis enough to change (hence the lack of change to Apple's holiday strategy.)

    You can however look for some of the discounts on other retailers that seem more sympathetic to the global downturn.
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