"Back to the Mac" - Expecting any 'iPad' announcements?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by agkm800, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. agkm800 macrumors 6502a


    Jun 18, 2009
    I guess there can be only two 'iPad' announcements.

    1. iPad sales figures (I could careless.)
    2. iPad OS 4.2 upgrade date (Will he let us know?)
    3. (sorry, no 7-inch iPad plans)
  2. Dolorian macrumors 65816


    Apr 25, 2007
    Hopefully no iPad announcements (besides saying how great it has sold) are made. Same goes to iPod and iPhone...

    I hope it is focused on the Mac, for a change.
  3. My name is Alex macrumors regular

    My name is Alex

    Sep 5, 2010
    Gold Coast, Australia
    It will be about the Mac, but there's always apple updates and he'll wanna tell everyone how great the company did in the 3rd quarter
  4. Cosmo M3 macrumors regular

    Cosmo M3

    Sep 4, 2010
  5. melman101 macrumors 68030

    Sep 3, 2009
    I'm hoping with the announcement of iLife '11 comes iLife for iPad.
  6. Batt macrumors 65816


    Dec 17, 2007
    Syracuse, NY
    Re: #2: Apple already says "Look for it in November".
  7. 87vert macrumors 6502


    Oct 7, 2008
    Pittsburgh, PA
    probably a more definitive 4.2 date. hopefully
  8. jclardy macrumors 68040


    Oct 6, 2008
    I'm hoping for some tie into iLife '11. Maybe GarageBand for iPad. Because that would be awesome to use iPad as a portable recording studio when you are just trying to test out an idea.

    I have 4Track on iPhone but GB would let you actually flesh out a song then you can just upload it back to your computer to finish it up...

    It could have loops (And they could even sell loop packs as an in app purchase!) and even an onscreen keyboard for doing some midi stuff.

    I think it would be awesome, but I doubt it will happen any time soon.
  9. PhelpsiPhan macrumors 6502


    Dec 31, 2009
    New Jersey
    My hope is that he will announce iOS4 for the iPad early :)

    Dont think it will happen though lol
  10. dXTC macrumors 68020


    Oct 30, 2006
    Up, up in my studio, studio
    This alone would get me to cough up $500 or more for an iPad. If it would enable a MIDI input driver for the Camera Connection Kit's USB port, that would be even better.

    But again, this is a Mac-centric event, so I'm not holding my breath in this regard.

    EDIT: On second thought, GarageBand for iPad could be rather limiting, as softsynths and effects are notorious CPU hogs. I don't know whether the A4 chip would be able to handle more than, say, four Software Instrument tracks at a time. Still, it may be worth it for field recording of vocals.
  11. r2fa3l macrumors regular

    Oct 8, 2010
    doubt he'll waste more than a minute or two on iPad. Just how its selling and 4.2 then back to mac
  12. Piggie macrumors G3


    Feb 23, 2010
  13. WLS macrumors 65816

    Jul 10, 2008
    I could care less ? If you ask in the interrogative instead of using the declarative that would be acceptable too as a sarcastic remark.

    Now if only we could run IOS on a Mac wouldn't it be grand! Or CAN we? You'd be Lion if you said it can't be done.

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