Back-up file exists on my computer but iTunes can't browse it

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by reverse1134, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. reverse1134 macrumors newbie

    Dec 27, 2013
    Hi all,

    I am having a problem with finding my backup data.

    So this morning, I decided to restore my iPhone 5 to the default setting. I backed up all the data in my iPhone to iTunes before restoring. After restoring, iPhone was rebooted, white screen showed up with greeting, and it asked for settings such as language, country, network setting those kinds of stuff. iPhone was still connected with iTunes, and iTunes asked me if I want to restore data from back up file. I hit yes and iPhone started getting restored the backup data.

    Problem happened here: iPhone accidentally disconnected, and iTunes stopped restoring and iPhone was rebooted again. I connected iPhone with iTunes again, and it started synchronizing instead of restoring backup data. And at the same time iTunes backed up data of iPhone which has not been restored the backup data yet. So a new backup file, which is just default status, was created and it was overwritten on the actual backup file that contained all my photos and everything.

    I went to Edit-Preferences-Devices menu, and the original backup file (which contains all data) doesn't show on the list.

    But I found a little hope:

    This is the capture of back up folder where the backup files are stored
    Users\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\backup

    This is the capture of Edit-Preferences-Devices menu on iTunes (It's Korean version sorry)

    As you see, there are 6 backup files showing on Edit-Preferences-Devices menu. One is from my previous iPhone 4S, and two were created back in Febraury, and the last three backup files are created today at 11:24AM, 11:37AM, and 7:58PM.

    But there are 8 folders in backup folder. One folder on the very top were created back in 2012. I guess this is the backup file for my previous iPhone 4S. Two folders under it were created back in Feb. This makes sense because there are 2 backup files which were created in February showing on Devices menu. The bottom three folders were created today at 11:34AM, 11:37AM and 7:59PM, which matches to the backup file list on Devices menu.

    There are extra 2 folders created at 10:50AM and 10:52AM today. (See red box) I believe the one created at 10:50 is the original backup file that contains all my data because the size of that folder is 5.20GB. The one created at 10:52 is 0kb. And none of the folders created at 11:34AM, 11:37AM and 7:59PM exceeds 10MB, which makes sense because these backup files were created after restoring. Doesn't have any data.
    So here goes my question: how can I restore data from the back up file created at 10:50AM?

    I would really appreciate your help.
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    Dec 27, 2013

    I found why the original backup file is not showing on iTunes. Becuase it is corrupted.

    All other folders contains Infor.plist, Manifest.mbdb, Manifest.plist and Status plist files.

    But the folder that contains origianal backup files does not have those files above.

    I think the only way I can restore the data is using third party extracting software.

    Do you know anything about that kind of software?

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