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    Hi guys, I've had a look around and I couldn't find a proper answer to this so here goes.. I have a friend who has just bought a new MacBook Pro to share with her partner. They both have iPhone 3GSs and have them synced to their current windows box.

    She has said that she's had problems syncing before, and that she doesn't want to lose all her contacts. Apparently last time she synced all her contacts got replaced with her partner's as it thought they were the same phone (doesn't sound right to me but let's go with it).. I've gone ahead and set up 2 user accounts on the computer so this doesn't happen again, but we're worried about what happens when she plugs it in for the first time on the new mac.

    Basically, is there any way she can get those contacts off the iphone via some kind of 3rd party software when she plugs it into the new mac? i'm worried that when she pairs it with the new machine, the contacts will get wiped and she'll have to start all over again, and without an iphone backup file (she hasn't plugged it in in a long time for fear of this happening) i don't really know what to suggest.

    any help??

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    Sync the contacts with gmail and you’ll never have a problem with losing contacts.

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