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    Mar 21, 2011
    I am looking for a person that can give me some help with connecting a back up network for me. I have looked a lot of places, but until now not found the solution. I know that there is hundreds of ways to connect my gear, but a simple, easy and a way that is bullet proof
    My equipment is: MacBook Air, Apple TV (320Gb), Airport extreme, Time capsule (2Tb), Eye Tv, 4 * Buffalo Nas (2 * 2 Tb, 0.5, 0.5 Tb ) 1 Nas adapter, 2 ext. Hard drive (2Tb each), iPad 1, 2 * Ipod touch, Mac Mini Server (0.5 + 1 Tb), Windows Laptop HP 6710b, 2 * HP printer, 2 power adapters(from the power outlet in the wall)
    Can someone make me a simple drawing showing how it could be connected?
    I am looking for to make it as simple as possible with respect to iTunes, and mobileMe account.
    If I have to buy more gear, then I do it !!Alternative I would be happy to get a place where to read something related to this issue...
    (My printer has its own email: 855aic56osh(at) )
    Thank you in advance...!!

  2. paduck macrumors 6502

    Jul 5, 2007
    You can bridge the Airport Extreme and Time Capsule together. That will give you five Gig-E output ports. You only need one of them running Wifi though - otherwise they will compete with one another.

    Plug the Mini Server and NAS into one of those two. Obviously the Mini Server is the central repository. Use Home Sharing to send the files to your laptops. I guess the iPod Touch goes through the laptop for configuration. If you can wire in the AppleTV (although it is only 100Base-T), you should since you are carrying 320GB. Otherwise Wifi transfers will be a little slow.

    As for all the external hard drives. You might as well hang them all off the Mac Mini (assuming they are USB). It can serve them out just as well/better than the Time Capsule or AEBS.

    Not that I don't have a lot of hard drives lying about, but it seems like you might have overkill there.

    As for MobileMe, if rumors are to be believed, wait a month or so and that world is going to change.

    FYI, I have a server running in the basement which is hardwired into an AEBS and Linksys WRT54G, so similar to what you are proposing. The server has a 2TB Time Machine drive and a 1TB iTunes drive which is basically a 24/7 duplicate of my main computer's iTunes library. My main computer has a 640GB main drive and a 1TB media drive for my iTunes Library. I've got a couple AppleTV's (250GB and 40GB), iPhones (original and 4G), some iPods and now an iPad2.

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