iPad Back-upped using iCloud, after jailbreak and erase all content everything went wrong.

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    Jul 8, 2012
    I had a problem with my connection to my iPad to PC before (cable messed up sometimes) but now it's detected. I jailbreaked it, but I used iCloud to back up my files/data not iTunes since I don't know how to do it and I'm not able to do it before because of some stupid USB problems. Now, after clicking "Erase All Settings And Contents" it freezed stuck at white cog spinning around. I want to restore the iPad right now to the default way it was so now I clicked "Restore" using iTunes but it's updating the firmware to iOS 5.1.1 so I checked if it's not the latest update (I updated it to the latest a few days ago) and it really is 5.1.1 and so I thought it was weird. It's starting to get funny, after that I don't know about this DFU thing but I tried holding the HOME button and the Power/Sleep button at the same time but it went to shut down and I kept pressing it until it restarted anyway. It didn't work, and I think things are becoming worse. iTunes is not detecting it right now, it says iTunes cannot connect to this iPhone (even though it's an iPad) An unknown error occurred. (0xE8000065). I also tried TinyUmbrella but it keeps giving me a lot of exclamation popups like to run it as administrator and I did though but it keeps saying the same thing. The jailbreak went well though. Any help please?

    The only thing I need to do now is to restore it using iCloud but I cannot, I need to Erase All Settings And Contents of my iPad. I cannot do that, my iPad refuses or cannot handle it probably because of the jailbreak. If I can only find a program that can restore my iPad using the back up I made from iCloud before (I don't know if that's possible) or anything but that's just it or else all the apps like Zombie HQ that I played for lots of months are going to be lost.
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