Backblaze Personal backup on OS X Server

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    Anyone have experience with Backblaze Personal backup on OS X Server. I emailed their support and they recommended their B2 service. I read it's unsupported because it will not backup some system files. That is not important to me I just need data (mostly photos) backed up that are on a attached USB drive. Also look for other recommendations for a backup service. My crash plan sunsets in a few months.
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    As far as I know, Backblaze doesn't allow servers (Linux, Windows, or macOS). They recommend you use their B2 service instead with a 3rd party integrator like Arq. If you only have a few hundred gigabytes to back up, B2 will be cheaper than Backblaze's standard backup service.
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    Update: Looks like I'm wrong. Backblaze does allow macOS Server.

    If you want to back up your entire server--essentially clone it--you'll need to use B2.
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    Backblaze personal works fine on macOS server
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    I've never gotten a satisfactory answer on why BB does not backup the entire machine (i.e., System, Applications, Library, Users, etc.). Other than that, it's great. Also, you may want to use Time Machine (which I've never quite trusted) or make rotating clones in addition to your online service.

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