Backdoor idea for Fitbit info to get into Health


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Jun 19, 2013
Ok so since fitbit data won't go directly into Health is there an app that can take the data from the Fitbit app and put it into health? I know that Myfitness pal while reading steps from Fitbit can't write them to anywhere else.


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Sep 30, 2014
I have successfully done this with the Virgin Pulse App. all you need to do is link your fitbit account to Virgin Pulse and your steps will appear in the Health app.


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Jul 24, 2011
Aberdeen, Scotland
That was the final nail in the coffin for FitBit for me. After having a wristband that didn't work properly (it never counted past 10,000) I gave up and just used the motion co-processor in my iPhone. I bought a waist pouch so I could take it running - a tenth the price of FitBit's wristband, and far more accurate. I still used the app, but not anymore. MotionX 24/7 gets my step data, and did my sleep data too until SleepCycle was updated.