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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Dormammu, Sep 21, 2016.

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    I have an Apple Watch Series 1.
    I would like to from fellow Apple Watchers, is background app refresh enabled on your Apple Watch? Why, or why not? If so, which native apps (I don't have any third party apps on my watch atm) do you allow to background app refresh?

    What is the consequence of say turning off background app refresh for the iOS weather app? Does this mean the temperature complication on my watch face will not update?

    If background app refresh is turned off on my apple watch, will the app still update when it is in my dock?

    I have for the time turned off background app refresh all together to try and see how much battery life I am able to save. I am finding my battery performance is lacking a bit. Although battery drain is not linear, I do notice that the battery tends to drop off from 100% at a quick rate, but as the battery life reaches about halfway the drain about evens out and lasts a bit longer. Anyone else notice this?
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    Well, I have background refresh turned on unlike on my iPhone. The battery is draining faster now. Before watchOS 3 I had around 30 hours from 100 to 0 % now it's about 24 hours with medium to high usage.

    I have the following apps in the dock: Activity, Alarm Clock, Messages, an app from my bank (account checking etc.), Weather Pro, 1Password, Music, Heart Rate, Maps and MyTaxi, so a couple of 3rd party ones. I LOVE how fast it all is responding and starting now. This should have been the OS they shoulda delivered when the watch was released.

    Your complications e.g. weather will refresh when you turn off backgr. refresh. But when you start the app it has to download the recent data which might take 2 or 3 seconds.

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