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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by AceCoolie, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. AceCoolie macrumors regular

    Jun 19, 2009
    Hi everyone,

    I had been using the clock app from my iPhone on my jailbroken iPad2. It was perfect. I constantly set the timer for things like laundry etc. and then switch apps to netflix or nook etc. and have the clock app notify me. Well, my jailbreak had some problems so I reset it to iOS 5.0. Do any of the current clock apps work in the background? I can't tell for sure. I've done a search but most threads are very old so I don't know things have changed. It seems like none of the descriptions for clock apps in the app store say if they work in the background.

    What's the current status on this? If I get a third party clock app, will it be able to notify me from the background if I'm in another app?

  2. AceCoolie thread starter macrumors regular

    Jun 19, 2009
    In case anyone is interested, Alarmed seems to work well. I've set timers etc. and it wakes up the iPad if needed and still notifies if the app is closed.
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    Oct 16, 2009

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