Backing Up Contacts To Gmail Problems

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    I wanted to backup my PHONE numbers to my gmail account... Went into itunes and synced with gmail no problem. Checked my gmail online, phone numbers were synced. Great. However, when I go to the contacts in my phone, I have hundreds of "Contacts" that were added that were pulled from my gmail account - I dont want these on here. I tried manually deleting but there are over 900 contacts... Im getting frustrated now, and there must be an easier way to do this. I dont want to screw it up any more than I already have so hopefully one of you can help me out! Is there another backup somewhere that I can go off of?

    Also, once it gets strightend out... I did this because I wanted a "cloud" based backup of my phone numbers, just in case something happened to my phone or computer. That way I could have a copy and restore once I got a new phone/computer. Given my issues here, Im not entirely sure what the easiest way to get the numbers would be. Any assistance would be great. Also if it makes a difference Im using windows not a mac. Thanks a lot!
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    iDrive lite. Its free and works great. Just have to set up an account online and then download the app.

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