Backing up *everything* via time machine?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Identity Fraud, Sep 18, 2010.

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    So my MBP has some funky display issues so I'm going to bring it to the Apple Store this weekend. Before I go I want to make sure everything is backed up on time machine incase they need to replace the whole unit or keep it for a few days to repair it. If they lost my data or had to give me a replacement one would I just be able to hook up my USB HDD and let Time Machine bring the new MBP back to it's old condition?

    Would all of my program and settings be just as I left them? Bookmarks in Chrome?
    Would all my iTunes purchases still exist as they do now?
    Would I need to authorize iTunes again (using up another one of the five allowed?)

    Should I wipe my HDD before I drop it off or should I trust that they would do that for me if replacement was needed?
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    Read this FAQ:


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    Another way to do this is to use SuperDuper. I think there is a free version which includes all the basic functions.

    SuperDuper makes a full exact bootable clone of your drive and I believe a SuperDuper clone would answer all your questions "yes".

    For example when the internal drive on my gf's iMac got full, I simply SuperDuper cloned it to a big external drive and made the iMac boot from that. I don't think she was even aware that a change had happened.

    I like SuperDuper. If I ever wake up in the night wondering if my external backup "really worked" I can just tell my Mac to boot from it and see if it comes up normally. The downside of SuperDuper is that you are only backed up once a day or week or however often you use it. TM I guess solves that problem.

    I don't know how SD and TM play together on the same backup drive, I'm sure there are threads on that on here.
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    YES, it will backup your browser history, absolutely everything, any and all saved passwords, it will be as though it never happened and you never switch machines. my hdd in my old mb failed about 6 weeks ago and i restored from a time machine backup and it was exactly as i left it =D
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    yes everything. and depending on what you have on your hdd, be prepared to wait quite a while

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