Backing Up Iphone on Icloud?

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  1. pauly1 Suspended

    Sep 13, 2013
    I have 2 iphones. One is an iphone SE. The other is an iphone 4s. I know that if you make a backup of your iphone, then if you reset it or anything, then you can restore it and back it up like it was before.
    I had done this with my iphone 4s where i backed it up to both itunes and icloud.

    when i tried to restore my iphone 4s, i had an issue where i could not do this on itunes because it asked me for my password. I had no idea what the password was and i read online many people had this problem because the password is usually the first password you put when you first got your iphone i believe. So of course many people can't put everything back because of this. I tried my apple id and itunes password but those didn't work etc. But i was able to restore everything back on my iphone 4s because i did a backup to icloud.

    The thing is now, i have 2 iphones. One is the iphone 4s and the iphone SE. I have a different apple id and email address for each of these iphones. I want to create a backup for each of these iphones.

    First off, that means just back it up to icloud as oppose to itunes right? Because i had that issue with the 4s when i did the backup? So don't even bother doing this since i wouldn't know what the password is? However what about my iphone SE? The iphone SE i bought is brand new but when i got it, i just created new apple id and put different email address etc. So just do icloud backup instead of itunes backup?

    Thus on both my iphone 4s and the SE, just go to settings and then backup to icloud for each one? They both have different email addresses.
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    Apr 24, 2016
    You should not create a new ID for a new phone. Makes no sense. You can back each device up either way, just make sure you remember your own password.

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